SANTAMARINA Y STETA has been known for many years for its active participation in the banking law field, being involved in a wide variety of Finance Projects, from preparing loan agreements and conducting loan restructurings with Mexican and foreign institutions, to designing and implementing complex financial structures for international Finance Projects (e.g.: highways, energy plants, telecommunications projects, port and airport terminals, real estate projects, etc.).

Presently, the Firm participates in a number of operations related to the financial sector, including, both Finance Projects and ongoing consultancy to foreign and international financial institutions, such as brokerage firms, credit institutions, financial leasing companies, limited scope financial institutions, mutual funds, insurance companies, as well as affiliates of foreign financial institutions established in Mexico, in regulatory matters and day-to-day activities and transactions performed in Mexican and foreign territory.

SANTAMARINA Y STETA was actively involved in the privatization of different banks and provides advice to various financial entities, including advice related to the incorporation, merger, dissolution, winding up, sale and restructuring of all kinds of financial entities in Mexico (including representation offices, as well as affiliates of financial institutions in terms of the provisions applicable of Mexican laws and of the various commercial agreements that Mexico is party to), and offers ongoing advice on regulatory aspects to said entities. We also have vast experience in legal audits to brokerage firms and credit institutions.

Likewise, for years were have actively represented a number of manufacturing companies, business enterprises and services companies, in their capacity as debtors, in a wide range of financial transactions, including:

  • Loans (secured or unsecured).
  • Syndicated loans, either representing the administrative and collateral agent in syndicated loans, one of the parties, or the Mexican debtor, in accordance with a truly global and integrated exercise.
  • Assets financing.
  • Intercambio de deuda.
  • Debt exchange.
  • Private banking (including first-tier bank).
  • Corporate financing and refinancing.

We have advised banks, leasing companies, factoring companies, energy and railway companies, airlines, airports, operational and financial lessors and manufacturers in relation to all types of project finance, guarantees, structured financing and assets financing, including industrial equipment, commercial aircraft, private aircraft, turbines, shares of stock, telecommunications and energy assets, as well as railway equipment.