Prominent within the firm’s corporate practice is the complex area of mergers and acquisitions.

Whether representing the prospective buyer, a merging company, or the target company in an acquisition, SANTAMARINA Y STETA lawyers will protect the client’s interest during any asset or stock sale transfer, public offer, or hostile takeover.

Our M & A lawyers provide each client with an overall analysis, suggest structures and strategies and carry out due diligence examinations of the target company. Our services are tailored to the type of transaction and the applicable industry, assessing associated risks and contingency factors. In doing so, we coordinate internally among specialists within the firm —including the antitrust, tax, environmental, labor, and intellectual property practice areas—and our litigation teams, so that we may handle any issues that arise during the course of negotiations or the implementation of the transaction.

SANTAMARINA Y STETA also participates in drafting, reviewing and negotiating transactional documents. We advise on the strategy to follow regarding governmental permits and clearances, including pre-merger notices to the Competition Commission, and follow-up with government agencies on applications for authorizations, opinions, or criteria, as each transaction may require.