our firm

We have a long-standing tradition here in Santamarina y Steta: to practice excellence every single day. We have been doing so for seventy years now from the moment our founding partners agreed to put their names on our letterhead.

We are a team of over 100 professionals, all of us strongly committed to offering exceptional services to Mexico’s business community, as well as to a considerable number of clients and investors from major business centers across the globe.

Furthermore, in order to meet the needs and assist each of our clients within a global scope, we keep a strong relationship with an extensive network of the best legal rms throughout the world. The soundness of our institutional foundation allows us to nurture a spirit of constant change and motion. We realize that in order to keep our most elevated standards, an endless state of conversion and renewal is demanded on our behalf.

We know our profession better than anyone. Better yet, we know the importance of the role excellence plays in it.